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Q: Can I change the code on my room lock?


A: Unfortunately not, My maintenance team members have the code lists so they can get in to do repairs.

That’s why I can’t change them.


Q: What day are our bins emptied?


A: Input your postcode here to find out. And here's a handy guide to what goes in which colour of bin.


Q: Can I have a pet?


A: Goldfish, yes. Anything else, no!


Q: Can we put a satellite dish on the house?


A: No.


Q: Can I smoke in the house or in my room?


A: No. All houses are strictly non-smoking. I strongly advise you not to break this rule - both for the health and safety of you and your housemates, and for the preservation of your deposit. If the property smells of smoke at the end of your tenancy, we'll need to charge you for fumigating it.


Q: Can you change my light bulb?


A: Yes. Log in to report it.


Q: My radiator isn't working properly/at all. What should I do?


A: Is your radiator...


a) Cold at the top but warm at the bottom? It needs bleeding. Please log a repair.


b) Cold, but others in the house are warm? Make sure the dial with the numbers on it is turned up and that the knob on the other side is turned to the 'on' position, if it has one.


c) Cold, and so are all the others in the house? Check the thermostat timings and temperature, and check that the boiler is switched on. You'll find the location and instructions for your thermostat with the rest of your house info - see opposite.


Still can't solve the problem? Log a repair.


Q: I’ve set off the fire alarm – how do I turn it off?


A: Turn the key to reset it, then call Colin Hopps on 07785 533519 and he'll rectify the fault.

Deposit-watch: there's a £40 charge for callouts if you break the alarm glass when there is no fire!


Q: We’ve had a break-in! What should we do?


A: Call the police. They will give you a number for an emergency firm to board up broken windows/door if it is out of hours.


Please advise us if you have a break-in. They are very rare, as our houses have good security. However, you will need to remember to keep doors and windows locked, alarm the house when empty and never leave the property en-masse in a taxi, or advertise that you have all left to taxi drivers. Preferably, get a taxi from the corner of the street.


Q: Do we have to do our own gardening?


No, I have gardeners, but you are responsible for keeping it free of rubbish and not damaging it (e.g. with tinfoil barbeques on the grass.)


Q: Our heating/appliance/plumbing has stopped working. What should we do?


A: For problems with your central heating, hot water, plumbing, drains and appliances, including the cooker, fridge, freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, microwave and bathroom fans,

log in to report your repair .


PLEASE NOTE: If your shower is overflowing, the first thing you should do is check your shower trap. It's a job you need to do regularly because the drain gets full of hair and gunk. Yes, it's icky, but it's not one that requires a plumber... unless you want to pay his call-out charge personally, of course!


Q: Help! We've got a pest infestation! What should we do?


A: Most of Leeds City Council's pest control officers will deal with rat and cockroach infestations free of charge because they are classed as prejudicial to health.


However, they normally charge for dealing with wasps, mice and flea infestations, as these are not seen as immediately detrimental to health.


Mice can be attracted into houses by overflowing bins and food scraps. Fleas can be brought into the house by pets. If this is the case, any charges I incur may be passed on to you.


The Council doesn't deal with woodlice. You can deal with these common little creepy-crawlies yourself with woodlouse powder.


Still need to report a problem? Go to Leeds City Council's pest control web page.


Q: We've got a broken window. What should we do?


A: Call Kirkstall Glazing directly on 0113 231 9706 or 07973 266623. They will also deal with emergency boarding-up if necessary, for instance, if you have been burgled.


Q: Our Henry has lost his suction. What should we do?


A: Normally, your Henry (or Hetty) will only lose suction for one of three reasons: the bag is full, the filter is clogged or there's a blockage in its system. Here's how to diagnose the problem:


1. Undo the clips to the side of the machine.


2. Remove the filter and the bag (if a bag is being used).


3. Replace the head and make sure it is securely clipped to the drum.


4. Unscrew the hose so you are left with just the motor head and drum.


5. Start up the machine on ‘high’ power and place the palm of your hand against the inlet of the drum. The suction should feel very strong at this point. If it does, it means there is a blockage in the system between the hose and the floor tool.


6. Re-attach one accessory at a time, i.e. hose first and try the suction at the end of the hose; then the first straight stainless steel tube etc. It will become apparent where the blockage is because you will notice a loss in suction when the accessory in question is attached.


The most common blockages are found in the elbow joint of the floor tool or in one of the threads of the hose.

Try dropping a marble or equivalent through the hose/pipes to dislodge a blockage or, if it's in the elbow joint, use a flexible wire or similar.


If, after you've tried all these steps, your Henry is still not happy, report him for repair.


Q: We think we've got a gas leak, what shall we do?


A: Open the windows. Do not turn any electrical appliance on or off! Don't smoke or use anything that could generate a spark. Go outside the house and use your mobile phone to call the National Gas Emergency Service line on 0800 111 999. You will need to tell them the following information:


1. Your address and postcode

2. How many people are in the property

3. Where the smell is coming from

4. Your name and contact telephone number


Follow the instructions they give you. They may ask you to turn off the gas supply at your house by locating your meter, which will either be in your basement or outside the front or back door. If you are unsure how to turn it off, ask for their guidance on the phone or, alternatively, do not attempt to turn off the gas yourself and wait for the emergency engineer to arrive.


Q: HELP! We've got the mother of all emergencies happening and it's not covered by any of the above.


A: Okay. Don't panic. Call 07976 747586 during daytime hours. From 10pm to 7am, call 0333 0007805 and quote ref no PPSA001967.

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