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Gremlin Gizmo

Everything you need to know about your house and tenancy

After all the excitement of moving in with your mates, unpacking and rearranging your bedroom, you might just realise you have no idea how to work some of the household appliances.


Or you may come home after a lecture one day to find a colony of wasps has taken a fancy to living with you and you don't know what to do. This page is FAQ HQ. Choose from one of the blue navigation tabs above and it will take you to the answers you need!

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Your landlady when

you put your posters

and photos up with paintwork-friendly

fuzzy Gripping Stuff

poster tape.

Your landlady when you put your pictures up with Blu-Tack or similar nasty tacky products.

Relax and make yourself at home, but do take care...

Your landlady when

you put your hair straighteners on a heatproof mat.

Your landlady when you melt your bedroom carpet with your hair straighteners.

Protect your deposit: protect the carpet!

 Get yourself a heatproof mat


I provide you with free rolls of Gripping Stuff poster tape when you first move in.

If you run out, you can always get some more from the Gripping Stuff website.