Fix your appliances like a boss!

If something's not quite right with one of your kitchen or laundry appliances, try these easy fixes before logging a repair job with us.

Dishwasher not draining?

It could simply be that the filter's blocked.  Watch this video and follow along as Alan shows you how to clean it.

Tumble dryer conked out?

Another appliance with a filter that needs cleaning regularly. Amy will show you how to give your dryer the TLC it needs.

Fridge-freezer not cold enough?

First things first. Has the thermostat been bumped to a lower setting by accident? And do you have lots of food crammed in so it's touching the shelves above? Because that will stop the air from circulating and increase the internal temperature. Before you ring us, check your thermostat and reorganise your foodstuffs.

Vacuum lost its suck?

Sounds obvious, but is the bag full? Check that first. Then clean the hair and fluff out of the floor brush roller. Suction still lame? Heeeeere's Johnny from Henry Bags showing you how to clean the filter. That ought to do it.

Tumble dryer stopped drying?

The thermal overload function may have kicked in to stop it overheating, which usually happens when there's a lack of airflow. Don't overload the machine with clothes because that will stop the air from circulating. Check the filters too. They're probably full of fluff. (Don't forget you need to clean the filter every time you put a load in!)

Water pooling in your fridge?

It's probably because the drain hole at the back is blocked by a bit of soggy carrot or something of that ilk. Get a cotton bud or a pipe cleaner and poke out the offending item, then swab around the pipe hole to clear the drain. Of course, if you clean your fridge out regularly, this scenario won't happen. Hint, hint.